Saturday, October 23, 2010

betapa aku mencintai mu

betapa aku mencintai mu
dengan sepenuh hatiku
betapa aku menyayangi mu
lebih dari yang kau tahu

ingin ku bahagiakan dirimu
setiap saat bersamaku
seperti janjiku kepadamu
takkan pernah ku ingkari

aku kan selalu ada didekatmu
aku kan selalu menemani hari mu
kau harus tahu
betapa aku mencintai mu

1.4.3 always
its pain for me
more painful to you
its my fault that i have to admit
yet you still said "its okay"
i am the one who are wrong in this situation
yet you still said "don't blame yourself"
i said we can be friends
but u said "you will be my lover forever"
i apologize for many things
yet you still said " nothing to forgive"
i said i have to leave
but u still said that "i'm going to wait"
i said i will forget u
yet you still said " i will remember u the entire of my life"
i ask u to find someone else
but you refuse and said "no one can replace u"
i said thousand times
"i don't have any great thing to proud of"
"i'm not beauty enough"
"i have so many weakness"
but u scold me not to say all that thing
you still said that "you have a magic attraction"
i want u to hate me
so that i don't feel guilty
it will not burden me
but u said " please don't feel that way"
i told you to forget me
but u said " then u have to kill me"
then what should i do
" i will love you forever"

me + you = love

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