Monday, November 22, 2010

red mushroom

so funny about yesterday..
aku check it out one of my fav blog nie..
then i realize something...i really do not about what news appear in the tv, newspaper, youtube or whatsoever..
conclusion = just like katak bawah tempurung somehow..oh..that's one of a bad habit about me..
i don't really like to read newspaper or read about gossip artis..huhuhu..none of my business..
yeah..i do think that way..

so yesterday when i was walking..googling the world..haha
then i know something big happen abaout this guy..named dR. Rozmey...huhuhu..
ok..frankly speaking i do not what the hell is that movie entitle "2 ALAM"..synopsis about the story..
but most people go againts that movie..or maybe againts the admin..dR. Rozmey...
so..if the ddr want to collect and aim for rm40juta bla..bla..bla...pecah panggung or whatever..
them me myself..pecah punggung gelak bile bace all the comment in the group inigroup ini jugakgroup ini pun dan ini lagi.

huhuhu..real damn funny babes..and now i knoe most people call him cendawan..cendawan merah..the reason is calling him with that awful name is because of his STYLO HAIR STYLE what der...hahaha..

oh..ok forgot to say..i dont really hate him coz i dont really knoe about him..and i also do not really feel to support all the caci maki him...but i do pitty him...and if its true like what most people said that he is..

then i do feel that he should realize people do not like that kind of attitude..and i suggest he should change..or may be he should apologize to all people for what his "kata-kata angkuh"..that's malaysian..high sensitivity with all the nonsense next time i advise u ddr please be careful with ur own word..don't speak too bombastic because it might sound kinda berlagak..

for the time being..i only knoe dr red mushroom with his formula jusmate 5 whatever entah..i've heard about '2 alam' but not intersted to know deeply about it....and what the doc. said about his kinda ignored that  euuwww..euuwww things..and aku pon bukan la kaki panggung...yang up to date dgn filem2 yang bakal keluar ditayangkan..woww...hahaha

equation bagai...hahaha..jahat seh


just now like i said..aku tak sokong mana pihak..but looks like i'm more on behalf of those group that against red mushroom..hahaha...sound like people envy with his money and segala kekayaan die bla..bla..bla...kan3x..
but the truth is...what i feel most is...

bersederhanalah kamu dalam setiap perkara..
yeah right...that's better i guess...


  1. yunk mcmne nak bt link macam ko bt tu (group ini, group ini juga, group ini pon, dan ini)...

  2. oh..yg tue..waktu ko wat post tu..kat atas tu ade link kan sebelah klu ko post gambar..clik situ..kat web adress tu..ko type..alamat web nye..copy paste aje senang..pastu tu tulis la test utk ini..bla..bla..bla tue..gud luck jammy!!